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Avnet Logistics is a subsidiary of Avnet, Inc., the worlds largest distributor of semiconductor, interconnect, passive, electromechanical and electronic systems components, supplied by world leading manufacturers.

Avnet Logistics provides warehouse operations, value added and product modification services exclusively to Avnet EM EMEA's sales divisions EBV, Silica, Avnet Abacus, Avnet MemecAvnet Embedded and Avnet SCS.

Located near Munich in Poing/Germany, Avnet Logistics operates a state of the art 27.500mē logistics and product modification facility.

A second facility, the 34.500mē large European Distribution Center (EDC) is located in Tongeren/Belgium.

As independent business unit Avnet Logistics provides clearly defined services to the European Distributors of Avnet EM EMEA:

  • Warehouse Operations cover all physical product handling: Receiving, Storing, fulfilling Value Added Orders, Shipping and RMA Product management.
  • Product Modification encompasses Programming, Marking, Taping & Reeling, Coplanarity Testing and Baking of active electronic components. 

On average, both logistics centers ship over one Million packages and process more than 2.5 Million customer order line items per year. 
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